The Rookie

I find this title fitting as I begin an entirely new journey. I am unsure as to what I’m going to experience, how I will respond, and what the next few months will be like. In that sense I am most definitely a rookie, even after 10 years of working in education, and 14 years of being a part of the Lasallian world.

A few days ago I re-watched the movie The Rookie, and was struck by the role that community played throughout the movie. It was community that inspired a group of students to believe in themselves, potentially for the first time. It was community that gave the confidence to their coach to once again try to achieve his childhood dream.

For us Brothers of the Christian Schools, it is community that enlivens us, sustains us, and unites us. Although I am entering a brand new community, in a new city, I know that it will have these same effects on me. When a community is grounded in the faith and presence of God, it is impossible for it to not have this effect.

Along with this new community, I remain a part of the communities that have gotten me to this point. My family, my friends, my former colleagues, and my fellow Brothers at St. Raymond’s. I pray that you remain part of my community as I will need your love and support not just these next 11 months, but as I continue on this new journey.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading this blog and sharing in my experience.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts…Forever


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