Oh Copenhagen, it is too bad that our time together was so short.  I think that we were on tot he start of a promising relationship…

While my flight into Copenhagen was delayed the rest of the trip operated at full speed.  After arriving at the Central Train Station I easily found my hotel which was only 2 blocks away situated between about 12 7-11s.  Seriously, I have never seen so many 7-11’s before.  It was as if we were in the corporate capital of the company.  After checking in I met up with Chris and Jackie and we went straight to the harbor.  Along the way we saw some magnificent buildings.  Some of these were extremely old, others were more modern, but all fit into the city culture beautifully. Combined with the canals and the waterfront the city had a glow to it without any sunlight needed.

After seeing some of the tourist attractions we found a wonderful cafe and watched the events in the town square; some incredible jump roping, a guitar/drum playing musician with a great voice, and many locals strolling about for the evening.  We stopped into a few shops and decided to head back for a little rest before exploring the night-life.

Our goal was to go to a local jazz club but the exchange rate was a little more than we were prepared to handle.  We bounced around from a few squares and stayed out long enough for me to make my St. Mary’s conference call.  We then enjoyed a nice park and called it a night just before A.J. Burnett saved the Yankees season.

This morning we met nice and early and explored the other half of the city, culminating with the Carlsberg brewery.  Carlsberg is the 5th largest brewery in the world which was a surprising fact.  The history and the tour were incredible, as were the complimentary beers.  We then had some Carlsberg that is only sold in Denmark, and we are quite mad it is not available in the states.  After having some lunch we enjoyed a few of the main parks and a beautiful labyrinth where we waited out the rain.  From there I headed back to the hotel to take the train back to the airport, which is where I sit.

Unfortunately I decided to treat myself to a nice scarf since Stockholm will be pretty cold.  A beautiful sales person told me I would look great in a particular scarf, and even showed me how to properly put it on.  I was surprised to see the pricetag of only 82 Krone (about $16) but was ecstatic at the great find.  At checkout I had a wonderful conversation about life in California and about where I should go in Stockholm.  I was so enamored that I just signed blindly, knowing I had made a great purchase.  It wasn’t until I saw the receipt and the tag in my bag that I noticed it was actually 82 Euro (about $100).  This was quite upsetting, but well worth the scarf and the time we had together!!

I sit here waiting for flight 4170 on Norwegian Air and can’t wait to get into Stockholm.  My cousin Catrina and her friend Emily are already waiting, and Chris and Jackie will get in in the morning.

Clearly the 5 of us will have a good time!