As I sit at the FireWood grill at SFO I can’t help but think how lucky I am to begin this trip to Northern Europe.  It seems like only a few months ago I was thinking about how great this trip could be, traveling to Stockholm to see the Rangers.  After thinking, and dreaming, and thinking some more it morphed into an eleven day journey that will take me from San Francisco, to Amsterdam, to Copenhagen and finally Stockholm.

Some people think I am crazy when they hear I am going for a hockey game, but to me it is much more.  In my family sports are sacred, and time spent watching the game is like time spent with family.  I know the first time I hear the Potvin chant I will recall my dad teaching me about Denis Potvin, and why he sucks!  I’m also blessed to be joined by some friends and family who will undoubtedly make the trip even more enjoyable.

As I finish my second Guiness and head to the British Airways gate I hope you decide to join me along my journey.  I will update with photos, videos, and thoughts of life abroad.